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Thursday, June 25, 2009

...about the rain

it's raining, it's pouring ... i am going insane.  

rain is good around here, i know.  earlier i wrote a whole piece about water and how bermuda was dealing with something of a drought.  not so anymore.  it has been raining for a week straight.  the tank is filling up.  the grass, plants and trees are green and lush.  i know there are many other great things about the water falling in a torrent from the sky, but the only thing running through my head is, "be careful what you wish for!"

i have had it with the rainy day activities:

1) we have read books -- "why is that boy sad?"  "why does he have an ear?"  "where is his bum?"  "do i have a tail?", and those are the questions for page one of the first book
2) we have baked -- flour on shirts, on floor, in hair, on faces, and arguments about how much batter each boy got, "not fair, not fair, not fair!"
3) we have built race tracks, train tracks, lego animals, block towers, made up puppet shows and had dance parties -- all these things complete in the space of about 45 minutes
4) we have coloured and done crafts -- marker on shirts, sparkles on floor, glue in hair, paint on faces, and half done projects that mommy can finish and tidy up humungous mess
5) we have watched television -- discovery kids had a whole show about rats.  need i say more?
6) we have splashed and danced in the puddles -- admittedly done too early in the days and days of rain because now i hear the constant nagging, "can we go outside again?  now?  what about now?  come on!  not fair, not fair, not fair!" 

i haven't yet mentioned that school is finished tomorrow.  i will now have two children looking for mommy-entertainment from morning until night.   

rain, rain, go away.  come back another day.  do come back, but enough already!


ModernMom said...

Sounds like I'm just like you. When it rains, we bake and I but on a couple of pounds from all the goodies!
At least you got an adorable picture out of it!

Loukia said...

I also hate the rain because I find that there is nothing to do - even if we go through all the activities you mentioned - it's not the same as playing outside! I hope you get sunny skies soon!