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Saturday, June 20, 2009

...about an amazing man

i married an amazing person.  he isn't the person that i expected to spend my life with.  more people than really should have had opinions on the two of us being together because of the gap in our ages.  in fact, both of us tried to bolt early on in our relationship because of outside pressures that we felt, but we were always pulled back together.  i couldn't have imagined the depth of emotion and intellectual connection that i would be able to share another person.  i am blessed to have him as my partner.  

over the last eleven years we have had our share of issues to work through and challenges to face together.  certainly, our relationship has become stronger because of what we have shared, most notably our experiences with our two lovely boys.  jim is a loving, considerate, thoughtful, (sometimes over-indulgent) father whose first priority is the happiness of his family.  

when i was pregnant with our first son, i remember feeling like he was putting so much trust in me as a mother.  i had never parented anyone before -- who knew if i would be any good at it.  i, on the other hand, knew that he would be outstanding as a father to our little boy.  he was already a loving and generous parent to three older children.  he had a proven track record.  add that to the fact that he'd accomplished what he had hoped to in his career and didn't have the world to conquer.  he could relax and enjoy the little parenting moments that pass by so quickly.

father's day is tomorrow.  my boys and i are looking forward to lavishing love and affection on this amazing man.  to be sure, it happens more than just on father's day, but it feels right that he should get this day that shows him how much we appreciate him.

p.s. -- just so this doesn't work out to be too sappy a posting -- he is amazing...but he hogs the bed, always forgets to close the kitchen cupboards, is a constant back-seat driver, and is a show-off and a know-it-all.   there.  happy father's day, sweetheart!

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ModernMom said...

Hi there~
Hope you don't mind comments. I popped over here b/c I saw you recommend two of my fave books to a fellow blogger.
I started reading your blog and couldn't stop:)
I too am a Canadian...but still here in Ontario.
You have a lovely way of writing!