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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

...about the name

i've always been the kind of person that writes something and puts a title on it near the end.  the title of a piece says so much, draws the reader in, must have meaning beyond the words.  a blog title is a new and challenging experience.  it is a work that is continually in progress.  how do i go about naming something that is yet to be created and will continue to be created as the days, weeks and months go by?  i have been pondering this (read obsessing over this) for a few days now.   i have no idea what this blog will turn out to be, so i didn't really have a good staring point for a name.  

i dabbled with the whole "mommy blog" thing.  should the title be related to my two little jellybeans?  not really my style but my two hilarious, active and frustratingly bright boys will undoubtedly get lots of air time.  

will this be about exercise and diet?  granted it is something that occupies a whole lot of my thoughts these days.  to be perfectly honest, something that has occupied a whole lot of my thought these decades of my life.  i am on a continuous journey to find my ideal weight and my healthiest, fittest self.  having said that, there is only so much i can say or complain about when it comes to that topic.

my recent move to this island of sand and sun was the inspiration for beginning this blog as a place to reflect, ponder, vent, create.  my support systems are across the ocean and i am searching for that place of strength and confidence...and searching for my true voice.  it seemed fitting that bermuda should feature prominently in the name.  so, the options ranged from "pink is the new black" (pink=bermuda, black=toronto), "finding the pink within", "driving on the left", to "railway tales" (the railway trail runs behind my house), "a piece of the rock", and "a line in the sand".  

i landed on bermuda shorts.  i tend to be succinct.  short.  to the point.  well, usually.  i want this to be a space that i can toss out just a few lines, a sentiment or two.  i feel like i have taken myself off the hook for writing long, deep and meaningful entries by calling it "shorts".  i also like what comes to mind with the name.   it has to be said that bermuda shorts are an acquired taste.  they suit some and not others.  you have to a certain kind of personality to really get away with them.  i fit those statements.  not that i am a wearer of bermuda shorts, but i do find myself and some of my ideas to be something of an acquired taste, and someone who wishes she could take a few more risks, style and otherwise.  

finally, i like the initials.

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Thornbury said...

Rheanne, friggin love this! You are an amazing writer. Bermuda Shorts? C'mon, that's fantastic. And I agree, the initials are perfect. Looking forward to reading more. :)