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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

...about my luck

i've often said that i feel incredibly lucky when it comes to the big things in life but in the little things, bad luck follows me wherever i go.  i have a loving partner who supports me in anything i choose, whether it is a crazy decision or not.  my young son miraculously made his way though some health issues that didn't seem like there would be a positive end in sight.  my parents offered me a wealth of opportunities and i have a few degrees under my belt, am able to play the piano, sing, and i hold my own in most sports.  i knew all of my grandparents well and didn't even attend a funeral for a family member until well into my 20s.  i never struggled with what my career path should be and the choice to be an educator completely fulfills me.   lucky...i know that i am.

here's the thing.  the whole murphy's law thing seems to be a motto for my life.  if it can go wrong, it probably will.  as i was preparing to move to bermuda last fall, my roof started to leak just before we put our house on the market.  later, my car was broken into and our passports and laptop were stolen.  passports are kind of essential in a move overseas, as you might guess.  finally, in the couple of weeks leading up to us handing over our keys to the new owners, we had sewage coming up the drain in our basement and found out that roots were growing through our pipes.  oh, and the garage door broke.  fun times.

i just had another of those moments that made me think that i had pissed somebody off in a former life.  yesterday was my husband's birthday.  it wasn't a grand affair to be sure, but i was looking to make it special in some small way for him.  i baked a rum cake, going for the "bermuda" feel.  we wrapped presents, blew up balloons, made his favourite salad, fresh baguette and lamb chops with rosemary.  great dinner, great company, tons of dishes at the end of it all.  oh yes, and did i mention that when we turned on the taps for the sink we found that we had no water left.  well, that isn't completely true, we did have the disgusting, brownish, sludgy kind of water that must collect at the bottom of our tank.

we promptly made a call to the water guy -- another bermuda experience -- check.  today, as the water truck was pulling into the driveway, my 2-year old chef and i were just putting the finishing touches on our freshly made hummus.  i quickly stacked up the four containers to put them in the fridge only to have the top two wobble, fall and splat all over the kitchen floor, covering my shirt, jeans and toes on their way down.  knock, knock, knock. 

ahh, life in rheanne's world.

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