I am here...although I don't know if I have arrived. Some days I feel stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, other days I marvel at the paradise that I call my life. Welcome to my ramblings, reflections, and obsessive- compulsive tendencies

Sunday, March 21, 2010

...about baking

i have bread rising on the counter and applesauce cake in the oven. i make a mean rum cake, pretty good multigrain bread and mouthwatering cinnamon buns.
baking is my form of therapy.
marking and report cards are hanging over my head, i am tired of trying to figure out the people that i work with and even more tired of trying to juggle my role at school as teacher/principal's wife/parent.
so, i bake.
if you follow the directions and do what you are supposed to do, you have delicious success. why can't life be like that.

must go out for a run now so that i can feel a little less guilt at consuming all of the treats later today (witness my two other forms of therapy).


rheanne said...
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Jim Christopher said...

The problem is that even though are you great at everything that you do, you constantly set even higher expectations for yourself.

You are an amazing person and partner (and your baking is pretty good too!)

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