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Sunday, February 28, 2010

...about being a klutz

i fall. i bruise. it's what i do.
this weekend i went for a run along south shore road. (here in bermuda we have north shore road, middle road and south shore road. creative names, don't you think?)
i was absorbed with the music playing on my ipod, belting out the wicked soundtrack (i know, cool, right!) when all of a sudden i was lying on my back on the road. i tripped over something about as big as a pebble and ended up with a scrape on my hand and a very red face. as we klutzy people do, I took a breath, stood up, dusted myself off and continued on my run just glad that nobody i knew was around to witness my little tumble. in my peripheral vision i could see a car had slowed down to make sure i was alright. i waved them on and tried to avoid eye contact, only to have a face appear out the window saying, "rheanne... are you okay, can we drive you somewhere?"
as luck would have it, two of my colleagues and their children were driving by at the very moment that i was lying on the road. nice. so much for nobody i knew being around.
i assured them that i was fine but they only drove as far as the gas station and proceeded to wait until they saw me run by. they asked me again if i really was okay so i showed them my little battle wound and sent them on their way.
although the first feeling i had was total embarrassment, i must admit it felt nice to have people looking out for me. i've been missing toronto quite a lot lately. it may have something to do with some current colleagues that i could do without and a longing for the friends and colleagues from past schools. it may also have something to do with canada being in the news and on television so much because of vancouver hosting the olympics. my feelings of homesick are at an all-time high. after my experience this weekend, my second feeling was that some people around here do care about my well-being. i am thinking there are a few benefits to living in the small-town life. anonymity is a thing of the past, but it is nice to know that i will be looked after when it comes down to it no matter where i tumble.
for me, it's the little gestures that make the biggest impact.


Loukia said...

I'm totally like that, too - I slip and fall and trip way too often! It is so embarrassing! But yes, it is nice to know that there are nice people out there who will stop, who will ask if you're okay. :)

Lady Mama said...

I agree! Making friends after I moved to Calgary 5 years ago has been a huge part of making this city feel like home for me. I'm finding, the older I get, the more important community is to me.