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Thursday, November 12, 2009

...about my prayers for the twenty-first century

i have hope for the future.

recently a little baby was born into my extended family. she is hope.
i believe in what she is capable of.
she, along with her sister, her little cousins, my darling nieces, and my sweet boys are part of a generation that i know will make the changes that need to happen. they will have the creativity, the freedom, the unique ideas, the equality, the open-mindedness, the passion for a better world.

i often read the book, "Prayer for the Twenty-First Century" by John Marsden to my students on or near Remembrance Day. i did this again this year.

these are some of my prayers:
may laughter and joy fill each and every day
may we feel inspired by something greater than ourselves
may we see and bring out the best in those around us
may negative voices be silenced, may creativity and imagination ring loud and clear
may we fully cherish the innocence of childhood and the wisdom of age
may we realize that there is hope for the future

welcome, alice hope.

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